Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hi everyone:
I know I haven't written in my blog in such a long time! I've been so busy catching up with basic things...Such as schedules, fundraisers, et-cetera. But here I am again, writing on my little dance floor! Let's see, where do I begin??? Well, classes have started up again, obviously. I've gotten tougher with attendance and schedules. I know this will be a nice change, I find parents actually appreciate it more, because they can count on class to be always on time and as scheduled, and kids are learning the value of commitment.

We are also doing See's candies this year! I'm excited because I try to stay away from sweets. I've already given up fake sugars (Diet Coke, Splenda, etc), and I find I've actually lost some weight! Although I have to be careful not to just replace all that diet stuff with regular sugar. I don't deprive but don't indulge either. I wonder if that new stuff, TRUVIA is healthy for you (chemical free). I say this because as dancers I think it's important for us to keep our bodies clean of impurities such as non-foods (DID YOU KNOW that "fat free" or "lowfat" foods have some of the fat taken away but ADD sodium to replace the flavor of some of the sugar)? It's so interesting how our taste buds like sugar and salt so much that in foods we don't even distinguish them! The sad part is, though, that even though you don't get the fat, you still get swollen from all that salt! THAT SAID, when I get the chance to eat some See's candies the calories don't matter to me. Bottom line: It's just great candy! What about all those nuts and chews! YUMMY! We are selling candy for our studio fundraiser. We need:
 1) A good portable PA system, since the studio where we are at just has a lame little boom box and when we start stomping on the floor we can't hear ourselves. 2) Parade music. We are still researching the best way to play our music for the Fiesta Parade. 3) Musicians. We want to hire LIVE MUSICIANS so we can have REAL FLAMENCO in Fiesta. If you are a true Flamenco aficionado, you will understand this!
So if you want to support the education and preservation of this beautiful art form of Flamenco, so important to California itself, and to contribute to children's happiness in taking part in culture, contact one of our students and order yourself some candy! Candy orders will be available by Easter or any Spring celebration you have going on. They come in cute and festive packaging.
Another cool thing that has happened in our studio, is the realease of the Documentary produced by Katina Dunn. It is called "KUMPANIA: FLAMENCO LOS ANGELES". 
www.kumpaniamovie.com The mysterious pull of an old Spanish Romani art on a group of contemporary musicians in Los Angeles is the essence of the documentary film "KUMPANIA Flamenco Los Angeles." 
Directed by Katina Dunn, Cinematography by Avi Cohen, Film Editing by Noah Berlow & Executive Produced by Kevin Dunn.Starring Antonio De Jerez, Vanessa Acosta-Albalos, Mizuho Sato, Briseyda Zarate Fernandez, Jose Tanaka, Timo Nunez, Paloma Rios, Kai Narezo, Tony Triana, Gerardo Morales, Gabriel Lautaro Osuna, Joey Heredia, Deborah Lawler and Bruce Bisenz. 
Run-time 60 minutes.

Best Regards,
Paloma Rios